How to choose the correct size

(1) Find out the correct width of your strap. Use a ruler to measure the width between the lugs (in mm).

(2) Find out the strap length that fits your wrist. Measure your wrist with a tape, with no space between the tape and your wrist. According to the measurement you can get the corresponding size in the following table:

The strap length is expressed in XX/XXX. For example 75/125 means the strap is 75mm long at the buckle side, and 125mm long at the tongue side


S (60/110), For wrist 13-15.9cm

M (75/125), For wrist 16-18.9cm

L (90/140), For wrist 19-22cm

(3) By default, our straps are parallel width straps. For example if you choose a 24mm wide strap it will be 24mm parallel and will therefore need a 24mm buckle fitted.